Album Review: The Wombats, “Glitterbug” (2015)

Should we all just ‘Jump into the Fog’ and ‘Give it a try’?

Although not the  greatest output from The Wombats in their successful music career since it all started for the lads in 2003 when they met at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts), started by Sir Paul McCartney, their latest creation, ‘Glitterbug’ is certainly nothing to be sneezed at. with more of the high production value and slickness of it’s predecessor, 2011’s ‘This Modern Glitch’, this release sees a slight shift in direction from their post-punk and alternative styling’s of ‘A Guide to Love Loss and Desperation’ (the band’s 2007 debut) and a move to a seemingly more pop, albeit somewhat indie-pop approach. This move from a band like The Wombats could be an attempt at reaching out to a larger demographic and therefore having their music accessed by a slightly wider audience.

The lyrics don’t consist quite so much of the “quirky anecdotes” they once sung of in their prior two efforts, however this aspect does still somewhat echo during a listen of their latest piece. Known for their lyrical simplicity and catchy rhythm from songs such as ‘Techno fan’, and their biggest commercial success to date ‘Let’s dance to joy division’ as well as their use of often anecdotal storytelling in songs such as ‘My first wedding’, ‘Derail and crash’ and ‘Shock goodbyes and P45’s’; their songs are always extremely memorable and their latest output is by no means an exception.

Glitterbug comes with the same usual up-beat tempo, presumably written with live performance in mind, 4888023_The-Wombats-1despite it’s similarities it’s by no means a carbon-copy of it’s predecessors.  The album does come with probable surprises for fans of the Liverpudlian trio*. It’s comprised of lyrics of a slightly more sexual nature than in previous efforts especially evident in ‘Curveballs’ and ‘Sex and Question marks’. The upbeat tempo and sunny disposition present throughout the entirety of the album (with the possible exception of the track ‘Isabel’) make it a perfect summer companion for anyone’s iPod, and is guaranteed to be a festival favourite in a couple of months with the band scheduled to perform at T in the Park and Reading and Leeds festival, as well as numerous other festivals outside of the UK.

*Ok. So not technically correct as the bass player is Norwegian.  

My top picks from the album are ‘Your Body is a Weapon’, ‘Be Your Shadow’, ‘Curveball’ and ‘Pink Lemonade’ and can see these becoming fan favourites among tracks from their prior albums. Overall I rate this album a generous 7 out of 10!

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