Album Review: Paul McCartney, “New” (2013)

Paul McCartney?  Maybe I’m Amazed?

Ah, Paul McCartney; one of the few musicians that I’ve never been able to quite get my head around. The closest I ever got to liking The Beatles was a couple of years ago when Elvis Costello performed a cover of ‘Penny lane’; even then I never liked the original. I’ve just never understood the hype. I ‘get’ that they’re all talented individuals – they can write and perform very well, however I just don’t like their music. Even in terms of appreciating their talent. they’re not the most talented, they’re not the best. I always have found a listen of an album of theirs to be a mediocre experience, and a seemingly painstakingly long experience at that… And believe me, I’ve given them more than the one listen, they’re the kind of band I really wanted to like and was therefore disappointed after hearing of their awe-inspiring melodies, to find that they’re to me just OK. All of this in mind, when I accidentally came across and found myself listening to “New” a single from Sir Paul McCartney’s latest release of the same name I was mildly surprised and equally astounded at its likability for me as somebody who’d always assume myself not to be a fan of his work, or even consider him tolerable.

After I heard this thing of wonder “new” I immediately searched for the artist of the song and was incredibly shocked to find it was Paul McCartney. Since in my closed-minded head I assumed “this must be a one off for him”, I made the decision to listen to the remainder of the songs on this album to be sure, and found to my surprise that I enjoyed each and every track. Once McCartney loather; now converted fan. Long and uninterestingly dull story short – this album is brilliant!

McCartney’s sixteenth studio album and first since his 2007 release “Memory’s Almost Full” to entirely consist of new songs, and rather thankfully for myself doesn’t focus on the Beatles-era. He claims the album to be based around his life of late, as well as pre-Beatles, – presumably this aspect features greatly in tracks such as “Early Days” and “On My Way to Work”. McCartney-20131The album is extremely complex featuring numerous different musical styles and instruments (almost certainly due to the many producers he had working with him on each song), and is incredibly layered in that with each listen comes more realisation. It’s the sort of album that you can listen to on repeat non stop all day and still leave each listen with a new discovery, or further insight into the album as a whole. My top pics from this album are “Alligator”, “New”, “Queenie Eye”, and “I Can Bet”, the various different musical styling’s present on this album make it a definite worthy listen by any music fan, regardless of your views of Paul McCartney, set them aside and let this album make its way onto your playlist – I promise you won’t be disappointed! I give this album an impressive 8 out of 10!


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