My 5 Most Valuable Vinyl Records

As anybody who knows me will already know, I am an avid collector of all things music, namely vinyl records. I obsess over every little thing about the bands and artists I like, and I have grown to love every aspect of music in general, so when a band or artist I like announces they’re bringing out a new album I’m the first in line to preorder. I’m even more eager to get my hands on the rarer stuff, such as when bands release limited presses of a particular album or single. The collector in me needs to own everything by the musicians I enjoy, including the stuff almost nobody ever comes across, I’m always browsing online for my next purchase, so without further ado here is a countdown of the 5 most valuable vinyl records in my collection (as of 20/10/16)

    5.Ok so here are 5, 4, and 3 of this countdown all rolled into one. This is because this limited edition trio were released on the same day, and although you had to buy each individually, I see them as a set. It’s the HMV exclusive, Morrissey LP’s that we’re an extremely limited press with only 500 of each existing in the entire world! They’re each pressed on gold vinyl, and were only sold for one day at HMV stores across the U.K. and were (and still are) difficult to get your hands on. 

    The set includes The debut solo album by Moz; Viva Hate, followed randomly by his 4th and 5th solo albums, these are widely considered some of his best work. Due to the fact I REALLY wanted these LP’s, and the fact I had prior knowledge of what Morrissey fans were like, I left at 6am to get to the shop before opening, I still only made it to second place in the queue, luckily at this HMV that was good enough for me to get myself a copy of all 3 albums, although most of the queue who were there before the shop opened didn’t even manage to get any of the Morrissey LP’s. These albums have individually gone for £300 in the past, although more frequently are sold around the £150 mark, each. These were for a time my most prized possession, that was until I since went onto acquiring the next 2 albums on this list! 

    2. Next on the list of my most valuable LP’s is an album very dear to my heart. It is Blackstar, David Bowie’s final ever studio album before his devastating death, pressed on limited clear vinyl. This album really left a sour taste in the mouth as it was actually part of a preorder, including some limited edition lithographs, it didn’t turn up on time as it was supposed to due to pressing delays, and coincidentally arrived at my door the morning news of his death hit us. It was definitely a sad day for me, I couldn’t even be pleased about the album finally arriving due to the circumstances. Having said that, it is a brilliant album! 

    This version of it, on the clear vinyl was limited to 3,000 copies, available by preorder only. I paid £50 initially for this LP including the limited edition lithographs, it’s now worth A LOT more than I paid. It was selling for around £500 and more when the news of his death broke, since then it’s difficult to say how much a collector would pay for it, as they’re now incredibly difficult to even come across. 

    1.  Now I have to say, I never did think I’d own anything worth more than David Bowie’s blackstar, but then came August of this year to change that! 

    In August Morrissey announced he was returning to Manchester for the first time in years, for a one off homecoming gig. This was and still is the most exciting thing I’ve heard all year! I HAD to get tickets. So we went to the show, we managed to get a place on the infamous ‘list’, and were positioned on the front row, this is the best concert I have ever witnessed, and really can’t imagine anybody else ever topping that. 

    To go along with this show Moz announced a ‘pop up shop’ at the Salford Lads Club (of Smiths fame), something he had done once before in the past. Once again this is a story of me dragging my boyfriend out of bed in the early hours of the morning to not only queue for the concert, but at the Salford Lads Club the next morning too, to get my hands on one of the few copies of ‘Bona Drag’ that had been signed by the man himself. Guess what? We managed to bag one!

     For £75 we got oursleves a signed LP, a limited edition T-shirt, and a poster. Bargain if you ask me, and as well if you check how much these are selling for now, collectors pay hundreds for a signed Moz LP, that’s when they can find one that is. This album holds a certain sentimental value to me too, as it’s signed by my favourite singer, it’s a brilliant album; one of my favourites, and it’s a souvenir almost, of our time spent in Manchester for the first ever time, visiting the famous Salford Lads Club, and a reminder of our second ever Morrissey concert. 


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